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We think of AgriTech (or AgTech) as the development and deployment of technological innovations and capabilities that improve how food and other agricultural or agro-processed products are grown, harvested, packaged, stored, transported, processed and sold. In short, AgriTech can bring improvements in productivity, efficiency, revenues and savings to stakeholders all along the agricultural value chains.

The Caribbean region faces major challenges when it comes to agriculture, relating to low productivity, low investment, low access to credit, high trade costs, low capacity to comply with food safety and quality standards. A more productive and competitive agricultural sector would contribute to increased production of fresh and processed products for local consumption and for export, a decreased food import bill for many countries across the region, and increased food security — all of which are critical objectives considering the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The objectives of the Regional AgriTech Challenge are to provide financial support to selected Caribbean firms that can: 

1) Create or adapt innovative products and services that may be based on cutting-edge technologies; 

2) Improve their processes and scale their business models in ways that contribute to improvements in agricultural productivity and/or; 

3) Address challenges related to distribution and sales of agricultural and agro-processed products; 

4) To improve access to finance to smallholder farmers, and/or 5) improve the region’s resilience to climate change.


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