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Belmopan, Belize, December 14, 2015 – A small firm in Belize is aggressively striving to revolutionize the beverage industry in the region. Caribbean Premier Products Ltd. (CPPL) is currently testing a cost effective, healthy fruit drink alternative which is all-natural, low caloric and high in plant nutrients and fibers.

In 2013, CPPL developed the formula for and produced in limited quantities, Pure Nature MD®, a new line of drink products consisting of all-natural tropical fruits that are low in calories and high in plant nutrients and fibers. The drink is touted by the company as refreshing and delicious.

Preliminary data also suggests that properties in the beverages could potentially lower blood glucose and normalize blood pressure. The innovation in the formula is the ability to use just enough fruit to keep calories and natural fruit sugar below 36mg, which is the point at which the body is triggered to increase its own blood sugar. Other ingredients are introduced to increase the fiber content which slows down insulin production. It is the type and the proportion of ingredients that makes the formula work.

Specifically, the product utilizes plant parts of the Aloe Vera and Nopal Cactus in the manufacturing process and is produced in flavors of tropical fruits indigenous to Belize and the wider region such as Sour Sop and Guava. The product will be positioned as a nutritional supplement suitable for persons who must or want to maintain or lower blood sugar and carbohydrate levels.

The company started production and testing through a limited distribution in Belize in 2014 and to date has sold just over 7,000, 300ml units through its local network. It uses information and feedback from its distributors to improve the sensory experience for the domestic market.

Compete Caribbean is providing funding to Pure Nature MD aimed at processing for export as well as product validation and protection.
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