A multi-donor private sector development program financed by

Strengthening Investment Attraction in Antigua and Barbuda

This project is to rationalize and strengthen investment promotion in Antigua and Barbuda. The activities undertaken in the project will help to prioritize the niche economic sectors for development in Antigua and Barbuda where a comparative advantage may exist, and strengthen the institutional architecture for investment promotion in the country. With clear objectives, a sound marketing campaign, and enhanced human resource capacity to provide key services to investors, ABIA will be better positioned to meet its mandate, become an important partner for the private sector, and generate substantial investor interest in the country. It is therefore expected that these results will lead to greater and more consistent financial support from the government for the activities undertaken by ABIA, thus resulting in a more sustainable model for investment attraction. Notwithstanding, a sustainability plan will be developed under component II for ABIA. This plan is intended to inform government’s decision on budgetary allocations for ABIA over the medium term.