Support for Economic Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation in Trinidad and Tobago

This technical cooperation will provide support to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago

  1. to strengthen the Economic Development Board and the Council for Competitiveness and Innovation by supporting the Technical Secretariat, and
  2. to develop recommendations for key policy reforms to advance private sector development. This project will accelerate and strengthen the institutionalization of the EDB and the CCI, two bodies aimed at providing critical inputs and support to the current efforts to bring about a more innovative and diversified economy. As a result, both bodies will start receiving support from a technical secretariat (the Economic Development Center or EDC) sooner, and will have access to key world-class expertise while carrying out their mandates. This should all result in high quality and high impact products. The GOTT will also benefit by improving the implementation of the CEDAW mandate to promote women’s economic empowerment.

For the private sector, the project will have a positive impact on enhancing public policy in the areas of competitiveness and innovation, as well as in facilitating public-private dialogue through the strengthened EDB and CCI. All this should translate into a visibly enhanced business climate.

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