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Technological Innovation for the Competitiveness of the Tourism Sector

This study is to generate knowledge on global and regional trends and innovations that are transforming the tourism sector, with an emphasis on ICT-based innovations. The project identifies and analyzes innovative uses of ICT in the tourism sector. Prioritized topics are the following: i) in the field of tourism public management, creation of intelligent and interactive spaces for the visitors, flow monitoring systems (within and between destinations), cognitive systems (simulation models and prospective, analytical models sensitive to the seasonality), and modeling of destination competitiveness (development of competitiveness indicators of local destinations, visualization and analysis of networks for destination management); ii) in the field of business management, tools for reputation management and digital branding (semantic analysis of tourism contents), mobility services (monitoring visitor preferences on the move, tools for generating content and services tailored to the context of the visitor) and analysis of real-time data for decision-making.