Jamaica – Treasure Beach Cluster Moving Towards Ecotourism Development

Treasure Beach Cluster Moving Towards Ecotourism Development

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica – In Jamaica, Treasure Beach is a small, but interesting and dynamic community where tourism, fishing and farming are the main sources of economic activity. Despite its size, or perhaps as a result of it, Treasure Beach has found itself in a globally emerging niche market for experiential tourism with enormous potential for diversifying Jamaica’s tourism product and creating jobs across the community tourism value chain.

Compete Caribbean is currently providing technical assistance to the Treasure Beach community, through support to a tourism cluster currently positioning itself to tap into global experiential tourism markets. One key feature of Compete Caribbean’s support is the development of a Destination Management Organization (DMO). A DMO is a way for the local stakeholders, from farmers to tour operators, to combine their knowledge, marketing investment funds, and advocacy to support a unified approach to selling their location as an exciting, unique experience for both leisure visitors and conventions.

The DMO will help to focus the community and ensure the cluster takes full advantage of the support from an engaged tourism community, the NGO sector, and the Government of Jamaica, as well as the opportunities from a global trend in travelers seeking a more authentic and community based tourism experience. This formalisation will not only increase the visibility of Treasure Beach in the global tourism market but will also support and maintain it as an authentic community based tourism destination.

The challenges for the TB community are formidable, but they pale in comparison to the remarkable resilience and spirit of the community! Compete Caribbean is proud to be a part of the community’s resurgence and remains committed to its continued development.

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